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Free COVID 19 tracing app

PeduliLindungi is a medical application designed by the Ministry of Communication and Information (KOMINFO) and the Ministry of SOES. This freeware helps the Ministry of Health and the COVID-19 Task Force to overcome the pandemic in Indonesia. It works to stop the transmission of the disease by tracking the places that users visit.

Like other contact tracing apps, PeduliLindungi relies on community participation in sharing their location data while traveling. It uses your device's GPS to record the required information. However, activating the GPS constantly drains your battery faster. Additionally, the app always prompts you to log in. 

What is PeduliLindungi?

In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, recording the places you visit has been an integral part of people's daily activities. With such a procedure, governments can prevent the virus's transmission. They can identify those who have come in contact with a COVID-19 patient. Thanks to mobile applications, contact tracing is made even faster and easier. One of these apps is PeduliLindungi.

As noted, it works as a contact tracing app for Indonesian users. It registers all the places you visited and shares that information with other users in the same area. Moreover, it lets you know at once if you have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive or a suspected patient. Furthermore, you can get your COVID-19 vaccination certificate through the app. Although, this can take time.

However, you should note that the program relies on your smartphone's GPS to record the required information. With this, you have to activate it whenever you travel. While it does not take too much time, constant GPS tracking drains your phone's battery faster. Additionally, the app comes with a bug that constantly prompts you to log in, even though you have it working in the background.  

Should you download it?

Overall, PeduliLindungi is a helpful tool for people who constantly travel during these trying times, especially if you always forget your travel history. Additionally, this helps the government in curbing the spread of the virus. However, using the app takes a toll on your battery life. The app also constantly glitches. And as you share information, the safety of your data is not 100% guaranteed. 


  • Easy travel history tracking
  • Convenient way of getting your COVID vaccination certificate
  • Simple and clean interface


  • Drains your battery fast

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